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Aqua life is complicated and it has taken decades of understanding to come up with solutions.


Know about the latest aquaculture techniques and how you can go about them.

wind farm operation

The most environmentally friendly wind farms are simple to maintain. Know how you can go about them.


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Learn more about marine life and we can coexist. Marine life is getting
damaged each day. We can do a lot to protect it.

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Latest News & articles

Aquaculture in Coastal Zone

Here is What You Need to Know About Aquaculture in Coastal Zone

The DPSIR model is used to investigate the spillover issue and propose policy prescriptions. There are key parts of the issue to take into account: those inefficiencies caused by coastal …
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Integrated Coastal Zone

All You Need to Know About the Management of Integrated Coastal Zone in Europe

The idea of integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) was initially introduced over three decades ago. Hardly since, 150 world powers joined the Agreement on Bio Diversity in Rio de Janeiro in …
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The Role Of Aquaculture on Coastal Zones

Aquaculture has an influence on the environment. It depletes energy and alters the ecosystem. The majority of exchanges are favourable. A quick summary of the advantages and possible negative impacts …
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Europe’s Coastal Zones

Know About Europe’s Coastal Zones

In comparison to its acreage, Europe has a wide continental shelf and a comparatively lengthy shoreline when contrasted to the other nations. There are many various sorts of coastal regions, …
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